Easing Along

Still Easin’ Along…Our Wagon Is Full For Now, but Updates Soon!

We're Easin' Along

We’re Easin’ Along

This morning we are reluctantly leaving Harbor Springs, MI and heading toward Sault St. Marie and the shores of Lake Huron.  We’ve had an incredible trip so far and can’t wait to share it with Easin’ Along readers, but that will have to wait until we less to do and more time to write. Remember, retirement does give us a few options…

While you’re waiting for our next article about our trip through the Heartland, check out a recent post about a retirement activity that turned out to be a lot of fun.  Click here for a link.

Please come back next Friday when we will share our wonderful experiences in Minnesota and Wisconsin.  Until then, we’re joyfully Easin’ Along through the Heartland of America.Logo square


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