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Hi, I’m Joe.  My adorable wife, Helen, and I proudly live in Eastern Tennessee where we both grew up.  I retired on August 13, 2015. I’ve worked at or owned, several businesses over the past forty-some years, but the majority of that time–20 years–was spent as a licensed general contractor building homes. I also spent 24 years as an officer in the Army and Army Reserve and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel, and I’m pretty proud of that. My interest in blogging comes from the fact that I received a degree in advertising from the University of Tennessee and always enjoyed the art of putting words and images on paper in a manner that someone would find interesting enough to read and enjoy. In one of my former ventures, I published a magazine for a few years and had the opportunity to freshen my skills, but I hope now to be able to use those skills more fully.

Meet Helen.  Helen didn’t wait on me to begin her retirement.  She woke up one day about four years ago and said: “it’s time”! She turned in a notice to her employer and hit her Golden Years with a vengeance. Never one to sit around, she has been joyfully making up for all the time missed with her friends over a thirty-year span by meeting with them regularly at lunch, for bridge, at pottery and exercise classes, as well as being a dedicated volunteer at church. Helen raised two boys, but once they were in school she began work full time before retiring from the staff of a private college preparatory school.

We’re both eager and ready to take on our retirement and want you to Ease Along with us. We want to “go” and to “do” while we are still able to do both. Our goal is to enjoy and promote an active retirement lifestyle.  We’ll be doing some extended travel also.  My career in the Army allows the opportunity to visit military installations which we usually use as a base for our excursions while we venture out on the roads less traveled. You’re invited to Ease Along as we post updates regularly (usually every Friday).  We love to explore new places, do fun things, and enjoy great food. Whenever possible, we’ll introduce you to our family, our friends, and share our journey of Faith. We also have a Facebook page where we preview each article.  Please “like” our page and stay in touch with us (www.facebook.com/easingalong). If you subscribe to Easin’ Along by placing your email address in the box on the lower right corner of this page, you’ll never miss a new article. 

Please know that Easin’ Along is not a “Guide to Retirement” – there are thousands of those already out there.  We’re just beginning a slow walk through our Golden Years, and hopefully, some of the experiences we share with others will be helpful as you make your journey as well.

Come walk with us, I know you can handle the pace…We’re Easin’ Along!


Email: easingalong01@gmail.com



15 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Alice Mercer

    Dear Helen and Joe,
    Your traveling stories are wonderful — and the photography and design is excellent! So glad that Charlie and I can share your experiences.

  2. Norm LaVriha, CMSgt, USAF (Ret.)

    Enjoying your travel stories.

    We’ve made only one space A trip so far. It was a Patrot Express flight out of Norfolk to Naples. Had a wonderful time.

    I have a sister that lives in Tellico Village, TN. Do you live near Tellico?

    Safe travels.

    1. jobruner01 Post author

      Yes we do. Our home is on the western side of Knoxville and Tellico Village is about 30 miles from where we live. In the mid 1990’s I built eleven homes in Tellico Village. I hope you have paid your sister a visit. It is a beautiful area. We have not taken a space A flight in years, preferring to drive throughout the states. Planning a big trip for next month so please come back and thanks for visiting Easin’ Along.

  3. Barbara Stach

    Been to Niagra Falls. What an awesome sight. Also stayed at the base by the Niagra Falls Airport. They were a lovely place to stay for the price. We hope to get back there next summer and do it all again.

    1. jobruner01 Post author

      We had an extraordinary experience there. Also had a great meal at Griffon Gastropub while there and posted an article about it. It is definitely a “go back to” place. Glad you had fun. Thanks for visiting Easin’ Along.

    1. jobruner01 Post author

      Thanks, Eddie!. This project is a labor of love and keeps me busy in retirement. Here’s hoping we can catch up in the New Year, and thanks for visiting Easin’ Along. Give my best to Linda and the girls.

  4. Barbara(Nashville)

    Hi Joe flipped over here from RV Sue’s blog. I enjoy your posts as well. You an Helen look like a really fun couple. Noticed Helen was working on a puzzle. I will be back to see what’s happening.
    Hope you both have a Wonderful New Year.

    1. jobruner01 Post author

      Hey Barbara, I have enjoyed your contributions to Sue’s wonderful blog. Helen has had a puzzle in progress since the day she retired four years ago and takes it with her on our road trips. Thanks for visiting Easin’ Along and I hope you’ll come back. We leave on a “Snowbird” trip to sunny Florida in two weeks and would love to have you Ease Along with us. Have a Blessed New Year.

  5. Dave Dahl

    I’ve caught a few of your blog posts via my subscription to Military Living. Now it’s time to get signed up to read your blog every week!

    1. jobruner01 Post author

      Welcome aboard! We’re about to hit the road again and would love to have you Easin’ Along with us. Feel free to check out the archives if you feel a need to catch up. We love our Military Living readers, but only our trips to military installations are shared on their website. Come back on Friday for a new post and thanks for visiting.

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