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A breeze lifts the flags of a grateful nation...

A breeze lifts the flags of a grateful nation…

On our journey up the East Coast last summer we enjoyed a very unique privilege that is given to retired military servicemen because we are allowed to stay in guest housing on our nation’s military bases. That privilege and honor allows us to be around the best of the best among us – American soldiers, sailors, and airmen. During our stays I love it when I have the opportunity to get up early and watch a formation of young soldiers march in step on their way to their day’s duty or training. I get a tremendous thrill listening to a bugle play Reveille or To The Colors. I am touched when I see a young person in uniform carrying a child on his shoulders, knowing that family separation is part of serving our country.

One of the most memorable experiences on the trip was the opportunity to tour the nuclear submarine USS Boise. Our tour guide was an extraordinary young sailor who was so proud of his service and the opportunity to be a crew member on this distinguished vessel.

Nevertheless, as memorable as our experiences were, the most powerful experience was the time spent at the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial.

As we observe Memorial Day by honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice in defending the freedom we all cherish, I offer the thoughts and feelings we had during those opportunities and hope Easin’ Along readers will join me as we revisit those two experiences once more. The links are in green type above.

Easin’ Along offers a hearty salute to our brave military men and women for answering the call to serve.   Easin’ Along also hopes we never forget the sacrifice of the many courageous Americans who answered that call…Print

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