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A “Report From the Suburbs” – Guest Blog

Lone traveler on a cold morning

Last fall my adorable wife enrolled me in a blogging class, taught by a gentleman named Alan Sims, as an anniversary present. Alan is the creator of the website Inside of Knoxville where he reports almost daily on the comings and goings in the downtown area of our lovely and vibrant city.  His website has a massive following consisting of urbanites living in the downtown area, suburbanites trying to stay in the know, and homesick Knoxvillians, now living in far flung places, who just need a taste of home.

A few days after attending his class, I sent Alan a note to thank him for the very detailed presentation, and to let him know how much I enjoyed reading his informative articles. He offered to meet me for lunch sometime and share a few more of the steps he considers important in creating a website worthy attracting an interested following. Alan was extremely generous with his time and I remain forever grateful for the opportunity to get to know him and learn from him.  

On a recent snowy and very cold Saturday I had an idea that Alan’s downtown readers were more than likely going to be confined to their lofts for the day instead of hopping down to enjoy music in The Old City, or a culinary treasure in one of the excellent restaurants along Gay Street. I decided that it might be fun to send in a report from “Inside the Suburbs” to let them know that things were pretty quiet out here as well…if not more so. He was kind enough to post my “report” as a guest blog.

Regardless of where you live, I think you’ll enjoy visiting Inside of Knoxville. Here’s a link: http://insideofknoxville.com/.

Easin’ Along is on a diet starting this week.  I’ll have a progress report on Friday…if I don’t starve first.

3 thoughts on “A “Report From the Suburbs” – Guest Blog

  1. Donna

    Great guest post. And thank you for introducing me to “Inside of Knoxville”. You’re right…it’s an enjoyable read regardless of where you live.
    PS – Hope you haven’t starved yet!

    1. jobruner01 Post author

      Thanks much. The creator of Inside of Knoxville works very hard at his website and has a massive following. He has been very helpful to me. Thanks for visiting Easin’ Along. I have a favorite post I would like to share with your readers sometime if you ever need a guest post. I love your site and the new look. Let’s stay in touch.

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