Easing Along

Easin’ Up The East Coast


Sunrise – Kure Beach, NC

Day 1 – Let The Adventure Begin

We’re off on an adventure we’ve been promising ourselves for years.  Europe?…lived there. South America?…been there. Russia? Hawaii?…done that. No to all of those.  We’re going to ease up the east coast of the good ol’ USA.  Joe is recently retired and Helen has been retired for almost two years. Both have been looking forward to a lengthy journey to places heretofore not visited by either.  We’ll begin this journey at Kure Beach, NC and over the next five weeks we will work our way up the east coast with stops in VA, MD, DE, NY, CT, Cape Cod MA, and Great Pond, Maine. Then we will turn west for a visit to West Point, NY and the Hudson Valley before arriving at Niagara Falls, NY for the trip finale. Joe is a retired Army officer and we’re proud to say that we will take advantage of guest lodging at military installations as we Ease Along. Our guidebook is Temporary Military Lodging published by Military Living Publications (link), an excellent resource for active and retired service members. This should be a great way to decompress before retirement becomes a reality and a new course is charted. Please come join us as we explore fairs, festivals, fun places, and – of course, FOOD. Hopefully we will be posting updates and pics weekly both here and on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/easingalong, and on Twitter @easingalong. Ready? We’re slow walkin’ this journey…You can handle the pace, ‘cuz we’re just easin’ along.Logo square

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