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Snowbound in Alabama!

When we left East Tennessee, the temperature was dropping into the teens and snow was on the way.  That was not our problem because we were heading to Florida to escape that…or so we thought. Mother Nature had other plans for our latest adventure.

We planned to spend our first night at the Maxwell Air Force Base FamCamp in Montgomery, Alabama and then travel to Panama City, Florida on day two.  The only weather prediction that we could find for Montgomery was for cold temperatures and maybe some snow flurries. We had winterized Gracey, our new trailer before we departed from home and leave it that way until we made it to Florida. This meant that we could not hook up to the water supply at the campground but we knew we could survive for one night on bottled water and the bath and shower facilities at Maxwell.

We arrived in the early afternoon, hooked up to the power, prepared a light dinner, and settled in to watch a little television.  All was going well until we turned to the local news. Suddenly all the newscasters were in a twitter about an impending snow storm and very cold temperatures.

“What? That’s what we were escaping! SNOW!!”

The prediction was for up to three inches and a low of 15 degrees.  As of nine o’clock, nothing had happened, so Helen (adorable wife) and I went to bed.

Lakeside, Maxwell FamCamp

The next morning had proven the forecasters correct.  There were three inches on the ground and bitter cold in the air.  We weren’t going anywhere on this day. Thankfully, we had plenty of propane in the tanks for heat, food in the fridge and pantry, and hot showers next door. After making sure we could extend our stay at Maxwell, and that we could keep our reservation at St. Andrews State Park in Panama City, we settled in for another day in Alabama.

I was planning to make this post about our arrival on the gulf coast but that will have to come later. Nevertheless, I wanted to share this experience with Easin’ Along readers so, after it warmed up to a balmy 20 degrees, I left the comfortable confines of Gracey with camera in hand. What I won’t do for you…

Cabin fever?

There were plenty of photo opportunities, but the most interesting was a picture I took of a fellow walking toward me in flip-flops and shorts. This had to be a case of cabin fever in the extreme.  I looked around to see if the guys in white coats had come to take him away, but he had disappeared into a luxurious fifth-wheel trailer.

This post will be short. It is the morning of our second day and we will be attempting to hit the road soon.  Hopefully, the conditions are better to the south, and we will soon be in sunny Florida.  Please come back and catch up with us then. For now, we’re Easin’ Along.


6 thoughts on “Snowbound in Alabama!

    1. jobruner01 Post author

      Walked on that white stuff today. Gulf water was bluebird blue. Pictures next week. Thanks for joining us. Tell Bill we said hi.

    1. jobruner01 Post author

      Thanks for Easin’ Along with us. Now that we are in Florida things are much mo’ better. Hug all your family for us. See you in three weeks!

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