Easing Along

We’re still Easin’ Along…just not wired very well

Y’all Come back…please

One thing we have learned about RV-ing is that Wi-Fi is iffy at best. We have a lot to tell Easin’ Along readers, but I have been unable to upload enough photographs to tell the story as well as I would like. 

We’re having a wonderful trip.  So far we have spent our days in Bossier City, LA, Fort Worth, TX, San Angelo, TX, and White Sands, NM.  Enroute we spent a delightful day touring Collin Street Bakery with a member of Helen’s (adorable wife) family and had a splendid time in the small Texas town of Corsicana.

Sherman, our Cruise America RV has treated us to an experience like no other and the RV life is a great way to travel. As soon as we can get “wired in” we’ll upload pictures and share our trip with everyone.  We have a great story to tell about our night in Shreveport and what it means to be blessed with some “Louisiana Luck”.

Please come back and join us (and Sherman) as we go Easin’ Along.

2 thoughts on “We’re still Easin’ Along…just not wired very well

  1. Guy Hawkins

    We’ve driven across and up and down this nation a time or two, Joe, and though there is so much beauty in all parts of it, still, I think my favorite is the great southwest. I guess it’s from all those Saturday morning cowboy shows, and 100’s of cowboy movies on the big screen that I watched growing up. I left Knoxville in 1968 on a plane bound for the Texas Panhandle, for USAF basic training in Amarillo… when I got off that plane at sunset, I saw the biggest most beautiful sky I had ever seen… and I knew then that I’d spend the rest of my life living under that same sky.

    We’re looking forward to a visit from some Nancy Wilson (nee Dexter) and her husband early-abril, then Mary and i are driving westward; Tucson (where I want to take pics in the “airplane graveyard”), up to Prescott AZ for some mountainous beauty, then to Las Vegas, NV to visit family, and back through the Permian basin stopping in on family members there also. So looking forward to it.

    You all enjoy the rest of your odyssey and have a safe trip back home. And keep posting great pics and narrative!!

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